The The Delta Clinical and Translational Science Consortium DCTSC values strategic partnerships between scientists, academic researchers, and community partners as essential for improving the quality and efficiency of clinical research translation for optimal population health impact.

Community Engagement

We have strong research relationships and collaborations with a wide variety of community partners. We aim to increase the capacity for and impact of community engagement and team science across all stages of clinical and translational research.

Building on our strong community relationships, we work to expand the Delta Community Research Network, promoting sustainable community-academic partnerships and increasing research capacity to conduct clinical and translational research and community-initiated research priorities.

The Network is comprised of partners from a variety of sectors such as community members, patient advocacy groups, government agencies, and businesses that support the overarching goals and priorities of the Network:

to improve human health and reduce health disparities through translational science and community-academic research partnerships.

To meet our common vision, we have established state-of-the-art infrastructure that builds upon our successful individual history of community-engaged research and long-standing community relationships.

We will continue to foster equitable, collaborative, and long-term relationships with community partners and stakeholders to support the focus of the Consortium. We intend to continue to be a catalyst for civic engagement and community adoption of health as a shared value.